In Honour of My Grandfather and What He Taught Me.

  My Grandfather, my Papa, has gone into the light. He is now with his soul family. He passed away on October 18th 2015. He was an honourable man. He was hilarious. Had crude jokes. He was considerate. He married a outspoken and beautiful woman whom he stood by all his life through thick and thin. … More In Honour of My Grandfather and What He Taught Me.

Self Realization.

Self realization is the awakening. My first awakening occurred in 2011. It was a painful experience that “woke me up”. And every painful experience thereafter has woken me up to new heights about myself. My most recent painful experience has woken me the fuck up. Big. To what I have created. What I manifested and why. … More Self Realization.

To love someone.

You may have loved or are in love with someone who seems to love what’s on the surface; money, status, security, dependency, not wanting to be alone, perfection, looking good, being comfortable, practicality, etc. What about those who care about about what’s underneath? Who care about what’s below your rage. Your tears. Your insecurity. Your habits. … More To love someone.

To be Honored.

I don’t talk about being single motherhood often. I don’t because I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, or judge or define me, or worse, believe I am making myself a victim. Let me get this straight, right now – I am a mother fucking victor of my life. I got pregnant by … More To be Honored.

BE with yourself.

There is so much love in this world that come from various places, people and things. Sometimes we have to ask – if I didn’t have this nice car, this nice house, this great job, this amazing person next to me. What am I left with? The answer is: Myself. Just yourself. So the next question … More BE with yourself.

Rejection & Withdrawal – How it can serve you.

Getting rejected by someone. ESPECIALLY someone you dig. Love. Want. – HURTS. It doesn’t feel good. It breaks the heart a little. But guess what? You ARE worthy of everything and anything you desire. Just because someone doesn’t see it. Does not. I repeat DOES NOT mean. you are worthless. It means you are so … More Rejection & Withdrawal – How it can serve you.